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Indigo Expat OnePack

International medical plan Indigo Expat OnePack

Working or living overseas? First of all, Indigo Expat OnePack is an international medical plan. It intervenes on Top Up to la CFE. Certainly, it will cover you and your dependents during your expatriation. Moreover, this international medical plan provides you with comprehensive benefits. Thus, the following benefits are covered : hospitalisation, out-patient, vision, dental. But also assistance repatriation, personal liability. Last, maternity benefits are optional.

international medical plan

Eligible expatriates are :

  1. covered by the CFE (certificate is required), and
  2. european citizens residing abroad.

The following countries of residence are excluded: Bahamas. United Arab Emirates. United States of America. Switzerland. United Kingdom.

Indigo Expat OnePack supporting documentation

First, download and read the documentation. Then, read it careffuly. Also, note that it is only available in French.

download the document

Table of Benefits

download the document

Notice of information (medical)Notice of information (assistance/PL/AI)

Next, email us your scanned Application Form!

download the document


download the document

Application Form

IPID Form (Insurance Product Information document)

download the document

IPID Form (medical) IPID Form (assistance/PL/AI)

international medical plan

Four zones of cover and many services, for your international medical plan

First of all, you can select your zone of cover between 4 zones of cover. Therefore, you can freely decide where you want to be covered. Indigo Expat OnePack proposes the following zones of cover (1, 2, 3 & 4):

  • 4 : China. Hong Kong. Taiwan + countries of Zones 3, 2, 1,
  • 3 : Brazil. Singapore. Russia + countries of Zones 2, 1,
  • 2 : South Africa. Albania. Angola. Andorra. Argentina. Australia. Austria. Azerbaijan. Bahrain. Barbados. Belgium. Belarus. Bolivia. Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bulgaria. Cambodia. Canada. Chile. Cyprus. Colombia. Costa Rica. Croatia. Czech Republic. Denmark. Djibouti. Dominican Republic. Ecuador. Estonia. Faroe (islands). Finland. France. Germany. Georgia. Gibraltar. Greece. Guatemala. Hungary. Indonesia. Ireland. Iceland. Israel. Italy. Japan. Kazakhstan. Kuwait. Latvia. Lebanon. Liechtenstein. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Macedonia. Malaysia. Malta. Morocco. Mexico. Moldova. Monaco. Montenegro. Mozambique. Netherlands. New-Zealand. Nigeria. Norway. Oman. Panama. Peru. Poland. Polynesia. Portugal. Qatar. Romania. Saint Barthelemy. St Martin. Saint Pierre et Miquelon. Serbia. Slovakia. Slovenia. South Arabia. South Korea. Spain. Sweden. Thailand. Turkey. Ukraine. Uruguay. Vanuatu. Vatican. Venezuela. Vietnam and Wallis and Futuna + countries of Zone 1,
  • 1 : Worldwide excluding countries listed in Zones 2 to 4.

Outside the subscribed zone of cover, members are covered during 7 weeks in case of accident or unforeseen illness.

international medical plan

FAQ, implementation of your international medical plan

To sum up, Indigo Expat OnePack is an exclusive product of Moncey Assurances. It has been built up and is managed by Moncey Assurances. Therefore, we include it in our comparators.  Finally, the administration of claims and invoicing is done by MSH International

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 Member guide

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Flyer Tele Medecine 

For more information on next steps, please read the following page:

web pageImplementation of your plan

For more information on La CFE, visit:

web page www.cfe.fr


international medical plan

Pay attention to the local regulation for your international medical plan

Please note that an international medical plan does not free you from local regulation. Finally, our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.