Indigo Expat, the international insurance for expatriate

You live and work abroad? Indigo Expat is an international insurance for expatriate. Take a look at our range of solution. There is probably one of our plans which fits with your expectations.

international insurances for expatriates

For your expatriation, subscribe to an international insurance for expatriate. Therefore, please always consider Indigo Expat plans before subscribing!

international insurance for expatriate

International insurance for expatriate and comparators

Since 2006, Moncey Assurances is a brokerage company specialized in international insurance for expatriate. We propose a wide range of plans for expatriates. And also insurances for travelers and employees on assignment abroad. Therefore, we respond to queries for individuals, SME and Enterprises.

In order to propose to our clients the most suitable insurance, we select every year some contracts and partners. Thus, this concerns healthcare, life and disability, assistance. All our partners meets our requirements, i.e. expertise, capabilities and know how.

To facilitate our client’s choice, we provide them with comparators. Then, plans can be easily compared. Expatriates can quickly check differences between benefits, services and budgets. Finally, these supporting comparators are developped exclusively by Moncey Assurances.

assurances internationales expatriésHow to select your health insurance

international insurance for expatriate

Indigo Expat plans, international insurance for expatriate

We were not very happy with existing international plans for expatriate. In fact, they were not fully corresponding to our clients’ needs and expectations. So we decided to developp our own range of international insurances. You know them under the trade mark Indigo Expat. Indigo Expat plans are always insured and administered by first class insurance companies and administrators. You can find them in most comparators we propose. Finally, always compare everything to make sure that you get the most interesting ratio between benefits, services and premium ! 

You are an expatriate or you represent a group of expatriates? Contact us and we will support you to select the most accurate and attractive insurances for expatriates!

assurances internationales expatriésContact

international insurances for expatriates

International insurance for expatriate – Individuals

For individuals, Indigo Expat international coverages are available for at least 12 months. Select the one which best fit with your profile and needs. On one side, Indigo Expat OnePack is an international healthcare on top-up to the CFE, This plan mainly concern French expatriates. On the other side, Indigo Expat WeCare is an private international insurance for expatriate. One version of this plan is available for EU expatriates worldwide. And the other version (WelCome) is for expatriates coming from anywhere and residing in one country of the EU.

assurances internationales expatriésIndigo Expat OnePack

IPMI – private plans

assurances internationales expatriésIndigo Expat WeCare

assurances internationales expatriésIndigo Expat WelCome

IPMI – specific plans for young expatriates

Indigo Expat Junior is dedicated to young expatriates, i.e. aged less than 30 years old. This contract is available on top-up to the CFE, Or on a first euro basis.

assurances internationales expatriésIndigo Expat Junior

To sum up, our plans are available for EU citizens who are expatriates. And for other expatriates who reside in the EU.

mutuelle internationale expatriés

international insurances for expatriates

International insurance for expatriate – Groups

For Enterprises, Indigo Expat also offers customized international insurance for expatriate. First, Indigo Expat Group – Medical is an international health insurance for Groups. It offers medical benefits, Second, Indigo Expat Group – RCIA offers personal liability insurance for expats.

assurances internationales expatriésIndigo Expat Group – Medical

assurances internationales expatriésIndigo Expat Group – RCIA

International insurance for expatriate designed by Moncey Assurances

Please note that Indigo Expat solutions are designed and managed exclusively by Assurances & Conseils Moncey. Also, Indigo Expat can be subscribed through a limited network of selected partners.

We will be pleased to welcome you soon among Indigo Expat members!


international insurances for expatriates


Indigo Expat Junior (< 30 yo)

You are less than 29 years old? Indigo Expat Junior is an international healthcare insurance dedicated to young expatriate. The pack includes asssitance repatriation, personal liability …

Indigo Expat OnePack (CFE)

Working or living overseas? Indigo Expat OnePack is an international healthcare insurance which will cover the expatriate and his/her dependents on Top Up to Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE) …

Indigo Expat WeCare (1st €)

Indigo Expat WeCare is an international healthcare insurance which cover expatriate and dependents Worldwide. This attractive and comprehensive global health insurance covers you for …

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