Web sites to prepare your expatriation

Please find here after few web sites and useful information. They are listed in order to support you in your expatriation’s project. The best way to meet success is to prepare your expatraition as much as possible. All these subjects should also help you in selecting your international insurances.

web sites

Web sites – Social Security

Most of the time, social security in your home country cancels your rights when leaving. Then you have to contribute in your country of expatriation to the local social security. There are some specific entities dealing with such a subjet.

websitesLa CFE (FR)

website arianeAriane, gardez le fil (sécurité)

CFE and Ariane help people in international mobility to maintain a link with the French system.

websitesCLEISS (FR)

website onssL’Office National de Sécurité Sociale (B)

web sites

Web sites – Medical aspects

One risk during expatriation concerns illnesses. This site provide you with information on this subject.

websitesInstitut Pasteur de Lille

Some sites are available in different languages, but some are only available in French.

websites Center for Disease Control

websites World Health Organization

web sites

Ministries of Foreign Affairs – web sites

Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides you with many information on other countries. This will be helpful to know if any agreement is in place. Also, the MFA let people know if there are any specific risks in a country.

website MOFAFrance

website MOFABelgium

In case something special happen, the MFA could intervene and it is always good to keep a connection.

website MOFALuxembourg

website MOFASwitzerland

web sites

Our other web sites

Information are also available on our other resources. They are all at your disposal.

moncey assurancesAssurances et Conseils Moncey

website junior expatJunior Expat

The last one focusses on Visa Schengen.

visa schengen infoVisa Schengen Info


international medical insurances

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international private medical insurance does not free you from local regulations. Also our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.