Indigo Expat Group, international corporate insurance

You are responsible of a group of expatriates. And you are currently looking for an international coporate insurance for medical expenses? Or for personal liability? Indigo Expat Group proposes group contract for medical, as welle as for personal liability. These contracts can be subscribed by Enterprises, NGO, etc.

international corporate insurance

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international corporate insurance

Which international corporate insurance does your Group  need?

Indigo Expat Group is an international coporate insurance especially designed for expatriates. It concens expatriates of all nationalities. The Employer, i.e. the subscriber needs to be located in the EU for legal reasons. Indigo Expat Group offers access to the following benefits:

  • medical (on top up to CFE, or 1st euro),
  • assistance and repatriation,
  • personal liability,
  • accidental death coverage.

Indigo Expat

Indigo Expat Group, international coporate insurance

for expatriates

Indigo Expat Group is a flexible solution for groups with at least 10 expatriates. In fact and depending to the size of your group, benefits can be customized according to your expectations.

First, we suggest you to have a look on pre defined plans. They are a good basis to start exchanges and to define your plan.

international coporate insurance Indigo Expat Group Medical

international coporate insurance Indigo Expat Group RC&IA

Smaller groups

For smaller groups, we can support you with another international coporate insurance. Or through our individual insurances.

international coporate insurance Indigo Expat OnePack

international coporate insurance Indigo Expat WeCare

indigo expat

Moncey Assurances and international coporate insurance

Assurances et Conseils Moncey is an independent broker, specialized in insurances for expatriates. That’s why we support you to:

  • define your benefits,
  • negotiate conditions with Insurers, and
  • implement and follow up your contract.

All our plans are insured and administered by specialized insurance companies.


international coporate insurance

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international corporate insurance does not free you from local regulation. Also, our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.