Social security abroad

Find here after supporting information to organize your social security abroad

Social security abroad

Before defining your Social security abroad, please consider what was your social security before leaving your home country? 

In most cases, you were previously covered in your home country (example: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Switzerland) for the following risks:

  • health (medical, maternity),
  • life and disability (related and/or non related to your professional activity),
  • pension,
  • unemployment, and there are also sometimes some specific benefits for families or for certain populations (handicapped, elderly, people with chronic diseases or with financial difficulties…).

Social security abroad

Social security abroad: social security is not only medical insurance

As you can see, you were previously covered for much more than medical insurance. Therefore social security is not only limited to the healthcare insurance. Please take time to consider the above and to define:

  • exactly your needs and your expectations (considering local compulsory covers, regulation in your country of expatriation…)
  • what will happen if you become for example totally disabled, and you have then to return to your home country (will exclusion or waiting periods apply?…)

Your Embassy or Consulate can support you identifying risks. Also understanding local regulation and define your needs in term of insurances.


Social security abroad

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an expat health insurance does not free you from the local regulation.