ExpaTPA, third party administrator

ExpaTPA is a third party administrator. Thus, the company manages health insurance contracts for all people in an international mobility situation. Therefore it has agreements with International Insurers, such as Vyv IB.

ExpaTPA third party administrator

A dedicated team at your service

ExpaTPA offers a range of services around the world:

  • a platform available 24/7. Thanks to our 4 management centers: Paris, Barcelona, ​​Cyprus and Tunisia,
  • a multicultural team,
  • claims administrators who master the specificities of local health systems,
  • a team of medical advisors providing medical support,
  • access to a global medical network.

ExpaTPA third party administratorExpaTPA – online services

From the secure online platform https://vyv.expatpa.com you will be able to:

  • Submit your claims,
  • Submit your guarantee of payment request for hospitalizations,
  • Consult and pay your premium invoices,
  • View your insurance cards and membership certificates,
  • Consult the documents of your contract, information notice or table of guarantees.

This site is available in French and English. The same services are available on our mobile app.

informations pour les expatriésOnline services

ExpaTPA third party administrator

ExpaTPA – your services

To summarize, ExpaTPA management services include:

  • Direct coverage in the event of hospitalization,
  • Reimbursement processed in 5 working days on average for complete cases,
  • Direct payment to hospitals throughout the world.

ExpaTPA third party administrator

ExpaTPA and Indigo Expat Junior

ExpaTPA is the third party administrator which manages medical claims for Indigo Expat Junior’s plans. This is available for 1st Euro plans, as well as Top-Up CFE plans. For more info about Indigo Expat Junior’s plans, visit the following page.

assurance santé internationale Indigo Expat Junior


ExpaTPA third party administrator