Worldwide medical cover: dental cares

A worldwide medical cover can propose dental benefits. Sometimes, such benefits are optional. In all cases, there will be limits on dental cares.

Most of the time, there will be a global limit. I.e. the Insurer will reimburse a limited amount per member and per year. For example: 3 000 €.

Then, one can find sub limits per benefitThe following ones are quite usual for international medical plans:

  • dental treatment,
  • dental prostheses,
  • orthodontics.

choisir son assurance santé internationale

Worldwide medical plan and co-insurance

Co-insurance is strongly recommended to oblige insured paying attention to costs. In fact, costs can highly vary from one practitioner to another. When reimbursment is up to 100% of real costs + limit, the member just considers what will remain out of his pocket. If the expatriate has nothing to pay, he is not able – in most cases – to indicate if the invoicing is in line with local practices.

Co-insurance is probably a good option to change this situation. When the expatriate has to pay 10 or 20%, then he pays more attention to prices. And this has an impact on technical results. Therefore, it contrinutes to stabilize premiums.

Depending on the IT system, the claims administrator may or may not set up co-insurance and limits. For example for orthodontics: coverage up to 80%, within the limit of 500 Euro/year/member. Or for dental prostheses: global limit of 2 000 Euro/year/member + coverage up to 80%, within the limit of 500 Euro/tooth.


Worldwide medical cover

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international medical cover does not free you from the local regulations.