MGEN International Benefits and the VYV Group

MGEN International Benefits : established in 1946, MGEN has contributed to the development of the French Social Security and since has been working on improving the healthcare system in France.

For many years now, MGEN manages the compulsory health insurance for professionals in the fields of Education, Research, Culture and Communication, Youth and Sports, and Environment, Sea and Energy.

MGEN has established the first non profit healthcare network in France. VYV Group (MGEN, Istya, Harmonie) is the leader for medical insurance in France, and covers more than 10 million members. Finally, Groupe VYV is the 2nd European health insurer.

groupe vyv

Since 2017, the MGEN group has had its A rating issued by the AM BEST rating agency.

MGEN International Benefits

MGEN International Benefits

MGEN IB, subsidiary of MGEN, proposes medical, life and disability to expatriates worldwide, through group or individual contracts.

Its capabilities:

  • freedom of services in Europe,
  • ability to set up reinsurance arrangements (fronting),
  • health, life and disability, assistance and evacuation licences,
  • capabilities to mobilize partnerships with the French and international mutual networks,
  • ability to understand and adapt various insurance markets around the world,
  • MGEN is part of the board of the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Etranger).

MGEN International Benefits

MGEN IB becomes VYV IB

In 2020, MGEN IB renamed and became VYV IB.


MGEN International Benefits