Overseas social security – hospitalisation (in patient)

What should be considered for your overseas social security? Hospitalization corresponds to the main / real risk in the coverage. Hospitalization is normally covered up to 100% of the real costs. Limits on some benefits or a global limit can apply.

overseas social security

Overseas social security & overall annual limit

The overall annual limit represents the maximum amount the private Insurance Company will pay (for a member, per year…). Please read carefully all leaflets to make sure that limits are not too low and does not represent a financial risk for you in case of a high claim.

The part which is not covered by the private Insurance Company will correspond to self insurance (i.e. you will have to pay it by your own). Even if it is quite rare to reach a limit of 500 000 Euro for example, it exceptionally happens, especially in countries where medical expenses are quite expensive such as the United States of America and Hong Kong.

overseas social security

Overseas social security in details

All plans and benefits do not look alike. Therefore you have to go into details.

Private room

This benefit is not considered as a medical benefit but much more as « hotel » costs. Therefore, it is common to find a limit on it, when proposed. Higher limits offer obviously a larger choice.

Psychiatry and psychotherapy

This benefit is not covered in all policies and can often neither be found in the Table of Benefits nor in the exclusions. Nevertheless, this benefit can be helpful – especially when you are expatriate – and facing difficult situations. When covered, this benefit can be reimbursed up to 20 to 30 days.

Medical evacuation

Accident or illness can happen everywhere. If you are on vacation or going on a business trip (for example to an exotic country), where you cannot be treated / hospitalized, then you will be very pleased if they can evacuated you to the nearest country where they are able to give you an adequate treatment (a few medical aspects will be considered before leaving to validate that your state of health allows you to travel).

Assistance and repatriation is optional, which can be subscribed or not, sometimes it is automatically included within the patient/emergency benefits.


overseas social security

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international health insurance does not free you from the local regulations.