From your Application Form to renewal of your international health cover

You just send us your Indigo Expat’s Application Form for your international health cover (OnePack or WeCare) and we thank you for your trust!

To clarify next stages, find here the different steps of your contract for the coming months:

international health cover

Underwritting Departement

Your Application Form is submitted to the Underwritting Dept. This Dept checks that all information have been filled in the Application form. Also, it analyzes your medical questionnaire.

The following responses are possible:

  • Standard conditions apply,
  • Special Conditions apply to consider pre-existing condition. It can be an exclusion or extra premium. In that case, further information can be required (including medical reports). If Special Conditions apply, you recieve the Special Conditions document which has to be signed and returned to process your Application,
  • Your file is rejected. The Underwritting Dept does not have to justifiy its decision.

international health cover

Invoice and activation of your international health cover

If tax applies in your country of expatriation, it will appear on the invoice of your international health cover. Tax is collected by the Insurer, and paid to the State to make sure that you are in line with the local regulation. Please note that tax can change according to the regulation if you remain expatriate in the same country. Then it can also be cancelled from your invoice if you change your country of expatriation.

If you pay by bank transfer , please note that it is important to mention the reference which is indicated on your invoice. You will recieve this invoice by email from MSH International. This is the sole way to identify and allocate correctly your payment to your policy.

To obtain a quick activation of your international health cover, you may opt for credit card or direct debit payment.

When your payment is allocated, your policy is activated. You recieve your Welcome Pack by email (incl. certificate). Then you can benefit your coverage and services.

assurance internationale expatriés ⇒  Cancellation in case of distance selling

international health cover

Welcome Pack of your international health cover

You will recieve a Welcome Pack at the end of the enrolment process. Recieving the Welcome Pack means that your payment has been recieved and allocated to your policy.

You Welcome Pack includes:

The Notice of information

All information regarding conditions (benefits, exclusions, …) are mentioned in this document. This document is also available at any timing in your Member’s Area online. 


Member Guide

This Guide is downloadable, at any time, in your Member’s Area. It is a supporting document to understand processes, identify who you should contact and when. All contact details of the administration platforms are mentioned to make sure that you can contact claims administrators or the Medical Dept at any time.

download the document

 Member Guide – Indigo Expat


Membership Card 

Your insurance membership card contains all the necessary contact information. Make sure you always have it with you and use it as identification when contacting MSH International, or upon admission to a hospital.
This card enables the health care provider to contact MSH International to set up direct payment arrangements, and to settle the payment of your medical bills.
A digital version of your insurance card is available on your MSH mobile app, and a printable pdf version can be downloaded from your Members’ Area, under “Your Enrollment / Insurance ID card”.


Member’s Area

Your Member’s Area is available in 7 languages on our website as well as on our Mobile app. It contains all the information you need about your plan and provides you with many helpful online services. Your login details are the same for the Members’ Area and the Mobile app.

international health cover

international health cover

Helpline / Client Services

You can identify yourself with your personal details (name, surname, date of birth, policy n°) when contacting the Helpline or Client Services, and benefit your coverage and services. At least, French and English are available 24/7.


There are 4 claims administration centers all over the World


Address: Suite 300, 999-8th Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2R 1N7, CANADA.

Tel : +1 403 537 5565



Address: 23 allées de l’Europe 92587 Clichy Cedex, FRANCE.

Tel : +33 1 44 20 82 10


Middle East / Africa

Address: 19th Floor, One by Omnyat, Business Bay, PO Box 506537, Dubai, UAE.

Tel : +971 4 365 1331



Address: 5/F, North Tower, Building 9, Lujiazui Software Park, Lane 91, E Shan Road, Shanghai, P.R. CHINA 200127.

Tel : +86 21 6187 0596

international health cover

Request for reimbursment and hospitalisation

Helpline / Client Services is at your own disposal to respond to all your questions on:

  • benefits,
  • procedures,
  • reimbursments,
  • prior approval,
  • hospitalisation,
  • insurance certificate
  • and to assist you with the claims administration.

You can send your request for reimbursment by

  • Website
  • Mobile App 
  • Post 



Log in to your members’ area on and go to the “Fill out a Claim Form” section.

For a medical invoice up to 500 EUR (1,000 EUR from April 1st 2023), you will be able to directly upload your scanned supporting documents (medical / prescription drugs fees, medical prescriptions and/or reports, doctors’ and other medical providers’ invoices, etc).

For a medical invoice exceeding 500 EUR (1,000 EUR from April 1st 2023), you must fill in your online claim form, print, sign and send it together with all original supporting documents by postal mail to your Claims department. You will find the contact details of your nearest Claims department in your members’ area under “Contact us / Our Contact Details”.


Mobile App 

Go to the “My Claims” section. For a medical invoice up to 500 EUR (1,000 EUR from April 1st 2023), you will be able to directly take a picture of your supporting documents or directly upload your scanned documents from your mobile. Please note that you can submit only one treatment for one member at a time.



Log in to your members’ area on and go to the “Fill out a Claim Form” section. Print, sign and send the claim form together with all the supporting documents by post to your Claims department: : MSH International / Indigo Expat, 23 allées de l’Europe 92587 Clichy Cedex, FRANCE


Planned hospitalization

Fill out your request in your Member’s Area, under the “Your reimbursements / Precertification and Direct Payment Request” section, at least 15 days before your admission. Do not forget to attach your supporting documents (treatment plan, medical report, estimate of costs, etc.).
You can also send your request by email to [email protected] 
We will make the necessary arrangements with the hospital and confirm your precertification agreement within 72 hours.


Medical emergencies

Go directly to the hospital. Present your insurance card at the admissions desk and ask them to contact us as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours after your admission. We will immediately issue our precertification agreement and follow up the case.

international health cover


Before the end of the 3rd month, contact your claims center to announce your pregnancy and inform us of your expected due date.

Two months before the expected date of delivery, fill out your precertification request in your Member’s Area. You can also send your request by email to [email protected].

Once you have notified your pregnancy, you will be contacted by our medical team. They will assist you to find the best facilities and support you throughout this important time. You will also be provided with a “Baby Welcome Pack”, containing a pregnancy guide which includes a range of practical advice to help you understand the different stages of your pregnancy, the birth and the first weeks with your child.

international health cover

Assistance and repatriation

Any assistance must be requested directly by the Member (or by any person acting on their behalf) using either of the means specified hereafter or risk being inadmissible.

Tokio Marine Assistance:

  • Telephone : from France Tel : 05 86 85 01 15 ; from any other country  Tel : +33 5 86 85 01 15
  • Email: [email protected]

international health cover

Renewal of your international health cover

You will recieve your new conditions approx. 2 months before renewal date by your Moncey Assurances’ contact.

Conditions depend on product review, technical results (incl. loss ratio between premiums and claims), medical inflation…. For more information on medical inflation, please read our dedicated web page.

assurance internationale expatriés ⇒ Renewal conditions of your international health cover and medical inflation

international health cover

Cancellation of your international health cover

As indicated in the Notice of Information, your policy is automaticcaly renewed every year, according to the French regulation. You have the opportunity to cancel it by sending a register letter at least 2 months before renewal date. Cancellation is effective at renewal date.

télécharger le document

 Example of cancellation letter

assurance internationale expatriés

Designation of beneficiairy in case of accidental death

You can decide to designate specific beneficiary(ies). Then, you do not follow the standard clause in the contract. To do this, you should complete the following form and send it to your Broker. He will keep a copy and forward the document to the Insurer.

télécharger le document

 Designation of beneficiairy

assurance internationale expatriés

Your Contacts

1. Sales aspects: your Moncey’s Advisor

We remain on your sides to manage your contract, to add/delete dependents, modify your benefits at renewal, review your international health cover if your situation changed… to provide you with additional coverages (assistance, life & disability), and in case you face difficulties with providers

2. Claims administration and hospitalisation: Helpline & Client Services (MSH International)

3. Invoicing: Credit Control (MSH International)


international health cover

Pay attention to the local regulation for your international health cover

Please note that subscribing to an international health cover does not free you from the local regulations. If you are eligible to contribute to a local healthcare system, make sure that you are compliant. Otherwise, you may be subject to paying a tax levy.