Indigo Expat: international private insurances for expatriates

You work or live abroad? Find out more information on our international private medical insurances for expatriates: Indigo Expat. Dedicated to expatriates and their family, Indigo Expat plans are subscribed for at least twelve months. In fact, Indigo Expat plans are bundled packages specifically for expatriates. Thus, these plans include a Core Plan, an Out-patient Plan and a Dental Plan. Finally, optional plan can be purchased with this package such as Maternity Plan.


Beofre leaving your home country and before becoming an expatriate, please contact us. And consider our exclusive solutions. We believe indeed that you should find a suitable coverage for your project with us.

Indigo Expat

Exclusive and international private medical insurances for expatriates

On one side, Indigo Expat OnePack is a medical insurance on top-up to CFE. On this other side, Indigo Expat WeCare is an international private plan for expatriates.  This plan can exclusively be susbscribed by a policyholder with EU nationality, who is permanently residing outside his or her home country.

expatriatesIndigo Expat OnePack

expatriatesIndigo Expat WeCare

Finally, Indigo Expat WelCome is a private medical plan for expatriates who are residing in the EU

expatriates⇒  Indigo Expat WelCome

Indigo Expat

Moncey Comparators compares international medical insurances for expatriates for you

At Assurances et Conseils Moncey, we support you as much as we can selecting the international private medical insurances which best fit your needs and expectations. Thus, we do not hesitate comparing our own plans Indigo Expat with other plans from the market we decided to distribute.

Through our exclusive comparators, you can easily compare plans and pickpoint specific differences. Such as conditions, annual budget, services, renewal process… Therefore, this unique approach helps you to decide which plan to select!



Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an insurance for expatriates does not free you from local regulations. Our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.