International healthcare Indigo Expat

The international healthcare Indigo Expat offers an excellent ratio between rates benefits and servicesAs an Indigo Expat’s member, you will have also the opportunity to enjoy the following conditions and services

international healthcare


You subscribe to First class international Companies:

  • MGEN IB : with 10 millions members covered, projects and impelmentation in China, Portugal … MGEN (Groupe VYV) is specialized in medical and international benefits,
  • MSH International: with more than 330 000 members, MSH International is a leading company is the administration of expatriate medical plans.
  • Tokio Marine: this company is an expert in special lines such as Individual Accident or Assistance Repatriation.

international healthcare

Welcome Pack

You can find in your Welcome Pack, the following documents:

  • Insurance Information Leaflets
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Instructions to access online services

Supporting documents are all available in English and in French.

international healthcare


Among all available services, major ones are probably the following. Have a look on the Member Guide to get them all!

  • Helpline 24/7, in 7 languages : English, French, German, Sapnish, Italian, Portuguese, Ducth,
  • Guarantee of payment and direct billing in case of hospitalisation,
  • Mobile App,
  • International Medical Network.

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Member Guide

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Rates / premiums

Some countries are more expensives for medical expenses than others. Therefore, we propose 4 zones. If you move, your premium will be ajusted according to your new country of expatriation.

To avoid any confusion between the risk increase linked to the age, and the increase linked to medical inflation or technical results, Indigo Expat proposes premiums by age.


international healthcare

Pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international health insurance does not free you from the local regulations. If you are eligible to contribute to a local healthcare system, make sure that you are compliant. Otherwise, you may be subject to paying a tax levy.