International health insurance Indigo Expat – FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions on international health insurance Indigo Expat

Please find below frequently asked questions on international health insurance Indigo Expat.


international health insurance

When should I send you the Application Form of my international health insurance?

The medical questionnaire is available for 3 months maximum. Therefore, we recommand you to send it to us.

  • as soon as possible, and before the starting date of the policy.
  • minimum 2 or 3 weeks in advance of the starting date of the policy, to manage some time available for next stages or in case your file is rejected.


international health insurance

Do I have to send my Application Form by Post?

You can post it (mail), but we recommend you to scan it and to email us the document. 


international health insurance

When do you revert to me when recieving my Application Form fully completed and signed?

We submit your Application Form as soon as possible to the Underwriting Dept to launch the underwriting process. A feedback is given within 48H to max 5 working days.

The same delay apply if any further information is requested by the Underwriting Dept concerning the medical questionnaire, for example.


international health insurance

Are there waiting periods available?

Yes, there are waiting periods applying on specific benefits of the international health insurance. This is always precised in the Table of Benefits. Example: 10 months waiting period apply for “Orthodontic treatment and dental prostheses”.


international health insurance

Why should 2 adults be enrolled to subscribe to “Maternity plan”?

This is a decision we made when we built up the product. We are obviously aware that the partner, when he is a male, will not be pregnant. In fact the premium corresponding to this risk is split on the 2 adults and we also cover 2 adults who have the same sex. Therefore, we can not exclude that 2 women could be concerned by pregnancy on the same policy.


international health insurance

Why does a waiting period of 10 months apply for the “Maternity plan” (option)?

The aim of an insurance is to cover a potential risk, not something which has already happened. Therefore, a waiting period of 10 months avoids the risk that someone who is already pregnant subscribes to an international healthcare just to have her medical expenses related to pregnancy paid by someone else. If insurers do not pay attention to this, then it could not be possible to maitain technical results and products on the long run.


international health insurance

How can members get reimbursement?

You can identify yourself with your personal details (name, surname, date of birth, policy n°) when contacting the Helpline or Client Services, and benefit your coverage and services.

If you have any query, you can find all contact details on your member’s card. The following languages are at least available with your international health insurance: english, french, german, spanish, italian, portuguese, dutch. 

You can send your request for reimbursment:

  • through the web site of MSH International,
  • using the Mobile App,
  • by mail (mandatory if the amount of the bill is > 500 Euro).

NB : MSH International has a specific partnership with La Caisse des Français de l’Etranger. Thereofre, you just have to send your request to MSH International directly. MSH International will manage the coordination with the CFE.

international health insuranceMember Guide summarizes the claims process.


international health insurance

What is covered for vision care?

Benefits are included under the following line in the Table of Benefits ” Prescribed glasses, contact lenses and laser eye treatment, including eye examination ” (out patient). The benefit is defined in the Insurance Information Leaflet, as well as others are.


international health insurance

What happen after I sent you my Application Form?

You can find further information on this matter on the dedicated web pageYour international healthcare insurance Indigo Expat, step by step


international health insurance

Pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international health insurance does not free you from the local regulations. If you are eligible to contribute to a local healthcare system, make sure that you are compliant. Otherwise, you may be subject to paying a tax levy.