Helpful informations for expatriates

In this section, you can find helpful informations to better understand where you should focus your attention when selecting your international medical coverage.


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Advises, articles & informations for expatriates

First, have a look on the following pages to get a first level of informations.

page webAdvises to select your international healthcare

page webWhat to know before leaving

Next, consider underwriting process and the follow up of your contract.

InformationsHow to choose your health insurance?

InformationsSubscribe to and renew your policy

Then, you can visit the country guide and find further information on Insurers.


InformationsCountry guide

Finally, you can find news and a presentation of Indigo Expat products.


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Collect informations to prepare your expatriation

First, the preparation of your expatriation is a very important step. Second, you have to think about your return in your home country. If you consider both, you should be able to avoid most difficulties you could face during your stay abroad. Therefore, take you time before leaving to consider all aspects instead of having to do it later and in worse conditions.

Worst case scenario

We recommend you to consider the worst scenario you could imagine. Then, go step by step and tick all boxes to make sure that you will have all required coverages.  Even if it is extremely rare that someone became disable during the expatriation, it happens.

For example: you just arrive in your country of expatriation. At the airport, you catch a taxi. Unfortunetaly, you have a very serious car accident. The ambulance drives you to the nearest hospital. Can someone find an insurance card to contact the claims administration and get a guarantee of payment? You become disable. What happen now?…

We do hope that informations on this website will be helpful for you.



Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international insurance does not free you from local regulation, and our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.