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Indigo Expat Group Medical

Indigo Expat Group Medical: international healthcare insurance for expatriates

First of all, Indigo Expat Group Medical is a global health insurance for groups. Thus all expatriates of an Enterprise can be covered through the Group contract. Indigo Expat Group Medical can be subscribed in any country within European Union (freedom to provide services)

indigo expat group medical


In order to adjust as much as possible the coverage to all expatriates’ needs, Indigo Expat Group Medical itervenes on

  1. a 1st euro basis (international private medical insurance)
  2. Top-Up to la Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE)

Indigo Expat Group Medical

Indigo Expat Group, a product design and managed by Moncey Assurances

Indigo Expat Group Medical can be subscribed by SME, Enterprises, Multinational Companies, NGO, International Organisations, Embassies located in the European Union. A group contract counts at least 10 expatriates (excuding dependents).

Indigo Expat Group Medical is insured by MGEN (Groupe VYV). The administration is managed by MSH International.

Indigo Expat Group Medical


Indigo Expat Group Medical’s policy proposes the following benefits:

  • core plan: hospitalisation and emergency treatments,
  • out-patient plan (including vision care),
  • dental plan,
  • option: assistance and repatriation.

The bundled plan includes the core plan, the out-patient plan and the dental plan. The choice of the out patient’s level of coverage will probably depend on your country of expatriation, yours HR policy and your budget


Indigo Expat group medical

Please pay attention to the local regulation for Indigo Expat Group Medical

Please note that subscribing to an international healthcare insurance such as Indigo Expat GROUP does not free you from local regulations, and our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.