International health insurance Australia

Your international health insurance Australia for expat ! Select your plan for Australia on a 1st € basis. Or on Top Up to the CFE, if you are eligible. Once you made your choice, read Indigo Expat‘s conditions. Finally, get your free quote online.

International health insurance Australia

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International health insurance Australia

International health insurance Australia – zone of cover

First, Australia belongs to zone of cover 2. But you can select zone 3 or 4. Whatever, Indigo Expat offers you great services 24/7. Finally, it supports you for a successful expatriation!

Members are covered in case of accident or unforeseen illness, outside the zone of cover. To conclude, within the limit of 6 weeks.

International health insurance Australia

International health insurancefor young expats in Australia

Indigo Expat Junior is a pack dedicated to young expatriates. In other words, aged from 18 to 30 years old. Thus, this international insurance meets the expectations of most international students or expats in Working Holiday for example. Finally, check conditions (incl. rates) on this page.

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International health insurance Australia

Commonwealth of Australia


Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country located in Asia. In addition, it shares its borders with Papua New GuineaIndonesia, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand. Finally, it is the largest country in Oceania.

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International healthcare insurance Australia

Key data

Continent: Oceania

Subcontinent: Oceania

Population: 25,765 millions (2021)

Area: 7,692,024 km² (2,969,907 sq mi)

Density: 3,35 inhabitants / km²

GDP: 1 396,567 Mds US$ (2019)

Life expectancy: 83,30 years old (2018)

Birth rate: 12,80% (2016)

Official language: English

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)

Capital: Canberra

Main cities: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy

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International health insurance Australia

International health insurance comparator for Australia

At Moncey Assurances, we propose you the international health insurance for Australia which best meets your expectations. For this reason, Indigo Expat solutions are compared with a range of selected expatriate plans. In the end, the best insurance is the one that fits most with your profile.

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International healthcare insurance Australia

International health insurance Australia and regulation

Note that an international health insurance Australia does not free you from the local regulation.