International health insurance Madagascar

Find your international health insurance Madagascar on this web site! First, your expatriate medical plan is available on a 1st € basis. In other words, that means fully private insurance. In the end the cover is available on Top-Up to CFE (French expats).

international healthcare insurance expatriates Madagascar

Above all, get your quote online! Basically, Indigo Expat plan supports your expatriation in Madagascar. In fact, it provides you with a comprehensive cover. Then, Indigo Expat plan also offers you great services 24/7.

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Republic of Madagascar

Madagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. It is previously known as the Malagasy Republic.

Capital: Antananarivo

Main cities: Antananarivo, Toamasina, Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa

Government: unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic

Currency: malagasi Ariary (MGA)

Area: 587,041 km² (226,658 sq mi)

Official language: Malagasy, French

international healthcare insurance Madagascar

Madagascar is unique: 5% of all known animal and plant species can be found here, and here alone. The island’s signature animal is the lemur of course, but there are many more weird and wonderful creatures and plants.

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Source: Wikipedia, Lonely planet

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International health insurance Madagascar

Indigo Expat, international health insurance Madagascar – zone of cover

First, Madagascar belongs to the zone of cover 1. However you can select zone 3 or 4 if it better fits with your needs. In conclusion, zones of cover are: 

Members are covered outside the zone of cover, in case of accident or unforeseen illness. In conclusion, this extension is available during 6 weeks max.

International health insurance Madagascar

Moncey comparators for international health insurance Madagascar

At Moncey Assurances, we present you the international health insurance for Madagascar which best meets your expectations. In a nutshell, Indigo Expat plans are compared with a range of selected expatriate medical plans. In the end, make your decision with main data in your hands.


International healthcare insurance expatriates Madagascar

Pay attention to regulation for your international health insurance Madagascar

Note that an expatriate medical plan does not free you from the local regulation. Therefore, pay attention and contribute to the local healthcare system when mandatory.