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international private medical insurance Antigua and Barbuda

International healthcare insurance Antigua and Barbuda

International health insurance Antigua and Barbuda: your international healthcare insurance Antigua and Barbuda is certainly available on this website. In order to have a better overview on Indigo Expat’s conditions, please check and download all the supporting documentation. Our plans usually fit with expatriates needs and expectations, and offer also a very good ratio between benefits services and rates.

Our plan are presented such as packs with the following benefits: in patient, out patient, vision and dental benefits. Few options are available, to tailor your coverage, such as : (1) assistance and repatriation, (2) maternity and (3) deductible for out patient benefits.


International benefits and international services

Because our coverages are convenient for most countries, they also include benefits such as Chinese herbal medecine. All services are expatriates oriented, and as a result the App MyHealth will be your easiest access to your international medical insurance. Finally and for the same budget, you are then covered in a zone of coverage which includes your country of residence / expatriation and your home country. 


Official name: Antigua and Barbuda

Capital: Saint John’s

Main cities: Saint John’s, Codrington (sur l’île de Barbuda), Old Road, Urlins

Currency: East Caribbean dollar(XCD)

Antigua and Barbuda on Diplomatie.gouv.fr

Antigua and Barbuda on Wikipedia


International healthcare insurance Antigua and Barbuda

Thus, Antigua and Barbuda belongs to the zone of coverage “Worldwide exclusing USA”. Regarding premiums, this country belongs to the following zone “Worldwide exclusing USA” / “Other countries”. This zone correspond to the lowest premiums we can propose you. 


international healthcare insurance Antigua and Barbuda


Moncey comparators for international healthcare insurance Antigua and Barbuda

At Assurances et Conseils Moncey, we always try to present you the coverage which best fit with your needs and expectations. Therefore, we are used to present our own products – Indigo Expat plans – with several products we selected on the market. We do not work with all Companies and are very concerned about our selection. Through our comparisons, you can esily pickpoint all main differences, advantages and disavantages of products. You are then in a good position to make your choice !


Please note that subscribing to an international healthcare insurance Antigua and Barbuda does not free you from local regulation