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Indigo Expat RC&IA

Indigo Expat RC&IA, the personal liability insurance for expatriates

Personal liability insurance for expatriates : you used to be covered in France for personal liability through your “multirisques Habitation” insurance. This insurance will cover you and your dependents in case you cause damages to goods or people. Indigo Expat RC&IA replace the coverage you cancelled before leaving your home country, during your stay in your new country of residence.

You and your dependents are covered as well in your home country (France, Belgium, the Netherlands), during your shorts stays, such as summer or winter holidays. Indigo Expat RC&IA is the complementary insurance to Indigo Expat CFE, Indigo Expat CLASSIC or Indigo Expat GROUP Medical. This cover is especially appretiated by expatriates in countries where there is no local insurance for these risks. An accidental death cover is automatically included in the plan, and you have the choice between three levels.

For legal reasons, Indigo Expat RC&IA can not be subscribed if your country of expatriation is the USA or Canada (excluded countries). You can locally find insurances which are compliant and perfectly in line with local requirements. Indigo Expat RC&IA is now automatically included in our new products. Ie. Indigo Expat WeCare and OnePack. Therefore, Indigo Expat RC&IA is no longer available.

Download and read Indigo Expat RC&IA supporting documentation

The documentation for the personal liability insurance for expatriates is available only in French.

download the document

Brochure Indigo Expat RC&IA

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Conditions Générales

IPID Form (Insurance Product Information document)

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Formulaire IPID

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Formulaire de désignation de bénéficiaire(s)

personal liability insurance for expatriates

Are you eligible to the personal liability insurance for expatriates Indigo Expat RC&IA ?

Indigo Expat RC&IA can be subscribe by adult aged between 18 and 70 years old. To subscribe to Indigo Expat RC&IA, you must complete the following conditions:

  1. be covered under an Indigo Expat medical plan (Indigo Expat CFE, Classic or Group, and
  2. be a fiscal resident in France, in Belgium or in the Netherlands when you subscribe.

Indigo Expat RC&IA has been designed by and developed exclusively for Assurances et Conseils Moncey. This coverage is insured and administered by Tokio Marine.


personal liability insurance for expatriates

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that Indigo Expat RCIA does not free you from local regulations, and our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.