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Indigo Expat CLASSIC

Indigo Expat CLASSIC

Indigo Expat CLASSIC: international healthcare insurance for expatriates

Living or working overseas? Indigo Expat CLASSIC is an international healthcare insurance for expatriates, which will cover you and dependents Worldwide.

Indigo Expat CLASSIC is a pack for expatriates which includes a Core Plan, an Out-patient Plan and the Dental Plan. Three different plans are available, ie. with different levels of reimbursement for out-patient benefits (100%, 90% or 80%) and different limits. There are optional plans which can be purchased with this package : the Indigo Expat Evacuation and Repatriation Plan, the Maternity Plan. A deductible on out patient benefits can also be selected.

Please note that Indigo Expat CLASSIC plans are only available to individuals who are expatriated from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland or Monaco.

international healthcare insurance

Download the Indigo Expat CLASSIC supporting documentation

international healthcare insurance Table of Benefits 

international healthcare insuranceGeneral Conditions 

international healthcare insuranceApplication Form 

international healthcare insurancePremiums 

IPID Form (Insurance Product Information document)

international healthcare insurance


and send us your scanned Application Form by email !


international healthcare insurance

Eligibility to the international healthcare insurance and services

Indigo Expat CLASSIC can be subscribed exclusively by expatriates who are (nationality) from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Monaco or Switzerland. Subscription is done for 12 months. 

Becoming a member gives you access to many advantages and services! For example, members can claim by using MyHealth App or by using the Fax&Scan service. 

Indigo Expat CLASSIC is an exclusive international healthcare insurance for expatriates, developped by and for Assurances et Conseils Moncey. The medical plans are insured and administered by Allianz Worldwide Care.


international healthcare insurance

FAQ, implementation and renewal of your policy

Supporting web pages respond to some of your questions

international healthcare insurance=> FAQ Indigo Expat

international healthcare insurance=> Your international healthcare insurance Indigo Expat, step by step


international healthcare insurance

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an iinternational healthcare insurance such as Indigo Expat CLASSIC does not free you from local regulations, and our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances



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24 March 2018

Mon avis est : EXCELLENT pour les garanties fournies.
En effet, je suis expatrié à Singapour et ai dû être hospitalisé sur place. Mon assurance a pris tout de suite le relais de la prise en charge. Je l’en remercie grandement.
Par ailleurs, sur la gestion des dossiers, mon avis est également EXCELLENT. Suite à un souci de dossier administratif, mon assureur a été réactif et nous avons pu nous coordonner et ainsi régler le problème. Je suis très satisfait et profite du présent avis pour les remercier et féliciter.


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