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Allianz Worldwide Care

Allianz Worldwide Care

Allianz Worldwide Care specialises in providing international health insurance for employees, individuals and their dependants, wherever they are in the world. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Allianz Group, the company is able to draw on the resources and expertise of one of the world’s leading insurers and financial services providers. Founded in 1890, today the Allianz Group is one of the leading global services providers in insurance. But also banking and asset management. With approximately 152,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves more than 75 million customers in approximately 70 countries.

Allianz Group ranks number 20 in the Fortune Global 500 (and number 9 in Europe’s Top 50). In 2010 the Allianz Group achieved total revenues of over €106.4 billion Euro. The Allianz Group holds an “AA” rating from Standard & Poor’s and is one of the highest financially rated insurers in the world. Allianz Worldwide Care also holds a Standard & Poor’s rating, which is “A Stable” (one of the highest S&P rating of any international health insurer in the world).

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Client testimonials

“Just a quick note to say how pleased I have been with your service so far – fast efficient and helpful. This really gives me peace of mind. Many thanks.”


“It was very helpful to talk to you today and especially, since you made such a huge effort to find an answer to my many questions. I am very grateful.”

Allianz Worldwide Care

Partnership with Indigo Expat

Please note that our partnership with Allianz Worldwide Care stopped at the end of year 2019.

Whatever, we continue to propose first class insurances to our members.

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Allianz Worldwide Care

Pay attention to the local regulation with your Allianz Worldwide Care’s insurance

Please note that subscribing to an international health insurance does not free you from the local regulations. If you are eligible to contribute to a local healthcare system, make sure that you are compliant. Otherwise, you may be subject to paying a tax levy.