Insurance Information Leaflet’s extract

Payment of the premiums by the Insured member

Premiums are paid by the Insured in advance in euros (€) to MSH International, to whom the Association has delegated the collection and collection of contributions, by direct debit, transfer, or bank card on the internet. The amount of the contribution is indicated according to the procedure defined in the membership form.


Reminder and procedure when your policy is unpaid

Non-payment of the premiums
In the event of non-payment of the premium or a fraction of the premium:

  • a registered letter shall be sent to the Member of the policy at least thirty (30) days after the renewal date,
  • a letter of formal notice is sent, informing him/her that at the end of a period of forty-five (45) days after the date of the later,
  • non-payment of the premium shall result in cancellation of the policy which is the object of this Insurance leaflet, without further notice.

The Insurer may terminate the Policy after ten (10) days after this period.



Taxes are collected by the Insurer and paid to the State for you. This means that premiums and taxes are not the same, and that taxes exclusively concern States. The % or amount can vary or be implemented at any time if the law is reviewed. MGEN IB keeps its database up to date to reflect the regulation and to collect taxes accordingly. 



Pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international health insurance does not free you from the local regulations. If you are eligible to contribute to a local healthcare system, make sure that your are compliant. Otherwise, you may be subject to paying a tax levy.