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Reminders and procedure if your policy is unpaid

General Conditions‘ extract (01.11.2016)

Paying premiums

“Premiums for each Insurance Year are based on each member’s age on the first day of the Insurance Year, their region of cover, the policyholder’s country of residence, the premium rates in effect and other risk factors which may materially affect the insurance.

By accepting cover you have agreed to pay the premium amount shown on your quotation, by the payment method stated. You are required to pay the premium due to us in advance for the duration of your membership. The initial/first premium instalment is payable immediately after our acceptance of your application. Subsequent premiums are due on the first day of the chosen payment period. You may choose between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments depending on the payment method you choose. Please note that if there is any difference between the agreed quotation and your invoice, you should contact us immediately. We are not responsible for payments made through third parties. Your premium should be paid in the currency you selected when applying for cover. If you are unable to pay your premium for any reason, please contact us “



Reminder and procedure when your policy is unpaid

Cf general conditions (01.11.2016) : Changing your address/email address
All correspondence will be sent to the details we have on record for you unless requested otherwise. Any change in your home, business or email address should be communicated to us in writing as soon as possible.

According to susbcribed conditions, you have to pay your premiums on time (+ eventually taxes when applying) and you have to make sure that your contact details (incl. email address) are up to date and can be used with efficency to exchange with you.

Reminders will be as following if your policy is unpaid:

  • 1st reminder: 10 days after the planned date of payment
  • 2nd reminder: 30 days after the first remider, ie 40 days after the planned date of payment. At that stage, there is a suspension of your benefits until the premium is paid. Therefore, you are not potentially covered if the situation remains unchanged.
  • 3rd reminder: 10 days after the first remider, ie 50 days after the planned date of payment. At that stage, the policy is automatically cancelled. Your contract can be reactivated if your premiums are paid on time. If not, your policy will be definitively cancelled.

NB: you will have to fill in a medical questionnaire and pay your unpaid premiums to be covered again under Indigo Expat. This mean that all pre existing conditions at that time will be considered and subject to exclusion / extra premium.

Therefore, we do recommand you to pay annually or to make sure that your premiums are paid on time. 




Taxes are collected by the Insurer and pay to the State for you. This means that premiums and taxes are not the same, and that taxes exclusively concern States. The % or amount can vary or be implemented at any time if the law is reviewed. Allianz Worldwide Care keeps its database up to date to reflect the regulation and to collect taxes accordingly. 

Before changing your address in the AWC system through online services, makesure that you will not be impacted by taxes! The address mentioned in the system is automatically considered as your address of residence. 



Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international health insurance does not free you from the local regulations. If you are eligible to contribute to the local healthcare system in certain countries and do not have local cover in place, you may be subject to paying a tax levy