Indigo Expat RC&IA covers your expatriated employees and their dependents for personal liability

Indigo Expat Group RC&IA is an international insurance, which replace the personal liability cover often included in the home insurance of expatriates, in their home country (France, Belgium …).

This insurance will cover you and your dependents in case you cause damages to goods or to people.

personal liability

Download Indigo Expat RC&IA supporting documentation (in french)

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 Brochure Indigo Expat RC&IA,

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 Conditions Générales.

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Indigo Expat RC&IA has been designed by and developed exclusively for Assurances et Conseils Moncey. This coverage is insured and administered by Tokio Marine Kiln.

Indigo Expat

Eligibility and subsciption’s rules

Indigo Expat Group RC&IA can be subscribe by any group (Enterprises, Multinationals, NGO, International Organisations, Embassies… located in the EU.  A group is composed by at least 10 expatriated employees.


personal liability

Please pay attention to the local regulation

Please note that subscribing to an international insurance such as Indigo Expat GROUP RCIA does not free you from local regulations, and our plans are not substitute for local mandatory insurances.